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Class Information for 2021 HeartCode ACLS Skills Session


  • HeartCode ACLS is a blended learning method combining online learning, followed by a hands-on skills session. This registration is for skills testing only.
  • Key Code purchase for online learning is the responsibility of each department/institute. Online learning /post-exam must be completed prior to attending your skills session.
  • Skills Sessions will be held in the Department of Perioperative Medicine

    Participants are expected to have the knowledge and understanding of ECG rhythms, arrhythmia, and correctly apply the appropriate treatment recommendation based on the algorithms. Skills testing is focused on group interaction where case scenarios are presented. Proficiency in Basic Life Support (BLS) is expected and a current certification is required prior to participating in this course.

    Special Comments

    1) Participants must register for this hands-on Skills Session to secure a seat PRIOR to beginning online training
    2) Key Codes for online training may be purchased directly from the American Heart Association: https://elearning.heart.org/course/438
    3) It is best to complete your online training about one week prior to your scheduled Skills Session

    Target Audience

    This course is open to all NIH staff.


    1) Current BLS certification
    2) HeartCode ACLS online training

    No Sessions are currently open for registration for this class

    This class has no upcoming registrations at this time

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